Balloon performance in English


Balloon performance in English

Balloon Dispatch Land offers balloon performances in English for overseas customers.
We are very pleased with the popularity of making fun memories for foreigners.

We can accommodate various locations and events such as corporate events, parties, exhibitions, weddings, restaurants, theme parks, schools, banquets, birthday parties, etc.
The largest number of registered balloon performers in the industry and transaction record Please experience the best entertainment provided by balloon performers.

Usage scenes for overseas customers

For events that attract customers

For event to attract customers

For overseas customers, why not attract customers by combining balloon greetings (distribution) and balloon shows with the products of the event to attract customers?
The colorful and gorgeous balloons are sure to catch the eye of many people!
Maximize your PR effect by combining it with something you want to appeal to!
Balloon performers at Balloon Dispatch Land will propose the best plan for you, from creating photo spots that are perfect for commemorative photos and colorful balloon shows that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike!

For parties and events

For party events

Why don’t you liven up the event with a balloon performer show in English at his birthday party, Christmas party, home party, etc. where many overseas guests gather?
We propose a balloon production that can be enjoyed by everyone from small children to the elderly!
Children will surely be delighted in this colorful and pop magical space!
The venue will be even more gorgeous and exciting, and you can entertain everyone who came.

For school events

For school events

How about using colorful balloons at international school events and venues where children gather?
Not only is there a plan to decorate the room with colorful balloons, but also a wonderful balloon show that looks like it came out of a picture book with fun music!
We have prepared performances for various events such as Children’s Day, summer festivals, Christmas, and Halloween.

Details of “Balloon Performance in English”

We will leave the balloon performer to you and provide you with a wonderful balloon decoration and balloon show.
We also have gorgeous balloon shows that match music, and balloon decorations such as arches, poles, columns, and objects made with balloons.
We will propose a wonderful balloon production suitable for the occasion, according to the purpose, scale and amount of the event.

Normal Course Gold Course Platinum Course
Performance Time 15 minutes ~ 15 minutes ~ 15 minutes ~
Fee (estimate) 50,000 yen 100,000 yen 300,000 yen
Dispatch Performer Leave it to me Class A Class S
About dispatch balloon performers
Leave it to us class: Dispatch a balloon performer at your discretion, giving priority to securing your schedule.
Class A:Dispatch balloon performers for media appearances and competitions in line with the event.
Class S: Dispatch famous balloon performers who are active in the media.

※Prices shown do not include tax. Transportation fee will be charged separately.
※Prices vary depending on location, balloon performer, appearance time, and performance content.

How to apply

Please apply by phone or by email using the button below.
It will be smoother if you tell us that you would like an English-speaking balloon course.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a limited budget, is that okay?
Don’t worry.
We will propose the best plan according to your wishes and budget.
I have a large or small number of participants, can you send a balloon performer?
Please rest assured that we will propose performance contents that match the size of the venue.
For large venues, we can increase the number of balloon performers, so please feel free to contact us.
How far will you come?
We are available anywhere in Japan.
If you have any concerns, please let us know by phone or email.

English-speaking performers

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